Own a local restaurant during COVID-19? Learn how having your own branded mobile app can maximize total sales.

The Problem

Are you a local restaurant owner? Or even an owner with a few well established restaurants we know you feel the frustration now. COVID-19 has swept the nation and now a bunch of small businesses, specifically the local restaurant business industry. So many local restaurants businesses have had to permanently close there door due to lack of sales or resources and what makes things worst is that you have delivery companies like GrubHub, Ubereats and more taking up to 40% of profit. Any owner know that the 40% they take does not account for the new business they may bring in. Here at Basi Studio we have came up with a solution to combat this.

The Solution

Our team will develop and deploy your local restaurant a branded mobile app with an e-menu, categories, online payment, store pickup, curbside pickup, delivery (Optional), and a system where your customers can exchange money amongst themselves to pay for food all within your mobile app.

The Cost

Before we’re done let’s talk affordability, With other delivery platforms charging you up to 40% for every online order, we only charge a fixed rate of $139/mo. and you own all of your customers online data.

Choose to maximize your local restaurant sales and awareness when you partner with us. Let’s get started below!

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